Personal Commission Paintings

Chart Painting Commissions at the bottom of this page.

How it works: Call for pricing.

I have created many personal commission paintings over the years. They capture family and friends and preserve many cherished activities. These paintings become family heirlooms to remember experiences, people, and places. I have painted fishing scenes, hunting scenes, family pets, old family homes, and sporting activities. I have traveled from Alaska to Argentina to do commissions. The best way to start is to come to the studio and discuss what it is that you have in mind. We will look at some samples and get some ideas to create your painting. Once you decide what it is that you want to have created then we start the process. You determine what you want and where you want it. If it requires travel then we work out the arrangements. Travel expenses are not included in the price. Many of the pieces that I have painted were in Texas. Most of the time we traveled by vehicle and stayed at your place. Occasionally air travel and lodging are needed. That is added to the final cost.


I have been asked in the past if they could furnish photographs for me to work from. Sometimes that works as they have something specific that they want painted. I take shots of each individual person from several different angles as well as the background scenery. I will then compile the images into a composition that you will approve before I start the actual painting. I have had some requests asking for the person in the painting to not know it was being done. We have worked out some arrangements on that as well.

Commission Samples

Prices are determined by size, number of people, travel expenses (not included, if needed).
I have traveled from Alaska to Argentina to do commissions.

“Fast Flush”

“Terry & Aries”


“Lighthouse Cove”
Port O'Connor, Texas


Other Commission Samples

Offshore out of Galveston, Texas

“A Day at the Office”
Old Coast Guard Station, Port O'Connor, Texas

“All Day”
duck hunt on the Phillips farm about 40 miles west of Memphis

“Which One to Choose”
Dove hunt in Cordoba, Argentina

“Snake River Cutthroats”
Snake River, Jackson, Wyoming

“The Power of Three”
Quail hunt in Hebbronville, Texas

“Black Lab”
10" x 14"

“Golden Retriever”
10" x 14"

“Golden Retriever”
10" x 14"

Personal Chart Commissions

$2,500.00 - Framing and tax is not included

Deposit down payment required to start, balance due on delivery ►$ 1,000.00 Deposit

  • Location Map of your choice. Chart commissions are painted on the Inland Waterway Navigation Charts. The map is mounted on acid free foamcore and treated.
  • Includes Photography or your personal photographs may be used, if usable. Your boat is included in the painting. Most of the time it requires me going to your location and shooting reference photos. I can use my boat as a chase boat if needed.
  • Does not include travel expenses, if special travel is needed for photography.
  • Additional people (over two) is an extra charge per person.
  • You have your choice of lures. It needs to be a new lure, not one out of your tackle box as they will eventually corrode or rust.
  • Approximate working time, 90 days, depending on my backlog & show schedule.
  • Standard framing with lure of your choice, approximately $500.00

Specialty Commissions

“J.P. Applies the Tag”


On occasion I have painted other types of commissions. Some are done with the purchaser’s personal photographs. Sometimes this works out but most of the time I have shot photos for the commission. Photography and travel arrangements may be made.