The Artistry of Les McDonald Jr.

Les McDonald Jr., an acclaimed artist, has made a significant impact on the art scene across the nation. Based in Houston, Texas since 1967, Les draws inspiration from his upbringing along the Texas Gulf Coast, where he was immersed in the beauty of wildlife.

A Journey in Art

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Commercial Art from Sam Houston State College, Les spent nineteen years in advertising before fully embracing his passion for art. Since 1986, he has dedicated himself to watercolor, his favorite medium. His portfolio spans a diverse range of subjects, including wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, and sporting art.

Attention to Detail

Les’s meticulous attention to detail sets him apart. His clients often remark, “I can tell you’ve been there,” acknowledging the accuracy and authenticity of his work. Whether capturing the grace of a bird in flight or the rugged terrain of a coastal landscape, Les’s keen eye brings scenes to life.

The Artist’s Journey

Les’s artistic journey began in sixth grade when he sketched a duck after a day of hunting. His talent quickly emerged, winning local competitions in Port Lavaca, Texas. His destiny was sealed, and he has since traveled from Argentina to Alaska, seeking new subjects and capturing their essence on canvas.

Contact Les McDonald Jr.

For inquiries, commissions, and prints of Les’s original watercolors, reach out via email at or call his studio at 713-977-4729. Explore Les’s world of wildlife, sporting art, landscapes, and seascapes, and experience the beauty he sees through his unique set of eyes.